Monday, April 15, 2013

AABC Commissioning Group 9th Annual Conference

Farnsworth Group, Inc. has been selected to present at the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) 9th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning to be held in Chicago April 16-19th, 2013.  Brian Davie (Normal, IL) and Josh Hickman (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) will be discussing such topics as Building Enclosure Commissioning along with future requirements of the LEED rating systems.
Our expertise in the field of both commissioning and LEED navigation will provide the base for a comprehensive and interactive presentation. We will review the benefits and importance of Enclosure Commissioning, along with multiple real project examples.  Conference participants will leave with an understanding of how to implement Building Enclosure Commissioning as well as informative lessons learned.
Another topic of conversation will be how Building Enclosure Commissioning fits into the typical Commissioning and LEED version 4.0 processes. Multiple project case studies will be utilized including: New Orleans Schools, a University near St. Louis, MO, a Healthcare project in Peoria, IL, and a Department of Natural Resources project in Spooner, WI. Thus, a broad spectrum of project types will be explored to highlight the strategies, benefits, complexities, and lessons learned.
Our team will also discuss opportunities for cost effective implementation measures and the benefits of including certain requirements upfront in the design phase. The methods used to functionally test the enclosure will be discussed and the tasks outlined.  Cost is often a big concern for typical commissioning, let alone adding additional systems such as the building envelope.
Myths, concerns and accuracies will be outlined and discussed to allow for a realistic picture for project teams. A discussion will ensue on means and methods to reduce cost while maintaining the integrity of the commissioning process and the owner’s goals for a project.  Our experience will be leveraged to lead a conversation to help ease project teams’ concerns about Building Envelope Commissioning.
Selection to present at the ACG annual conference is proof of our experience and of our dedication to ongoing efficiency within the built environment.  If you would like to learn more about envelope commissioning, come by and see us at the ACG conference or email Josh Hickman at