Monday, May 11, 2015

What It Takes to Place in an International Design Competition - An Inside Look

Recently Farnsworth Group’s design team took First Special Mention (Fourth Place) for a design competition submittal for the Super SkyScrapers Competition - 07 (2015) - Cycling Heaven: Sky Velodrome in Toronto!  Over 150 entries were received.  While the announcement was made in April, the team submitted on February 27, 2015.

Collaboration. Democracy.  Holistic Design.
With collaboration at the forefront, all members of the architectural team were invited to submit preliminary concepts at the outset of the process.  Ten concepts were submitted and a blind voting process identified the overwhelming favorite scheme.  It was selected because it addressed site, scale, urban context and the creative spirit of the competition.  Once the strongest scheme was selected, Greg Straub led the team of Caius Jennison, Nicholas Bruner, Doug Draeger, Rob Kiester, Josh Rucinski, Brian Sulley, Shane Roberson and Kim Spencer.

The competition provided a means for Farnsworth Group’s staff to test interoffice capabilities and strengthen collaboration processes.  The team used new software, varied communication styles, and work-sharing concepts to achieve the final goal.  SKYSADDLE Velodrome was created.

Bringing it all Together
The model was developed in three separate offices, and continuity required constant communication and the blending of ideas that drove the final cohesive design compilation.  Each night, the three independent parts were uploaded to the main model for review and discussion the next day. 

Farnsworth Group’s team learned a considerable amount and triumphed in its first competition.  Next up:  to be determined, but it’s in the works! 

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